The Art of Creative Destruction

3. crushed economies

In his never ending quest to remain at the forefront of the avant-garde of the sharing economy the great MobCon is presently conducting an experiment in the art of creative destruction. What remains here are the 10 most popular posts (in order of publication, as opposed to the number of page views) of the original Excapite  experiment.

Enjoy this appetizer of what was, in its day, a veritable feast for the eyeballs. 😉

Today you can find us at Tymbals

Just how important has click fraud been in shaping the growth of the web economy?

To be honest I think I have just about completed this circumnavigation of the Google and So.Me Advertising Economies.

It’s probably time to start thinking about recompiling all these disparate threads into some kind of logical structure.

But, before I do, no discussion on the growth of online advertising over the past 15 years and the disruption of the print industry would be complete without taking a brief look at the problem of click fraud. Continue reading

Yes it’s true. Pizza Hut’s online pizza delivery business is the same size as Facebook

I noticed in the report circulating around the web this morning that Dominos UK iPhone pizza orders top £1 million in just three months and the UK online sales – including orders taken through Domino’s iPhone app – jumped 63pc to £128m (US$0.2 Billion) in 2010 and I couldn’t help but wonder just how big the online pizza economy was today. Continue reading

Has the competitive advantage of the Mobile Apps Store been over valued?

I was reading Sam Brodie’s post on the challenges he is facing as a brand architect operating within Nokia and it has left me wondering if we are now over estimating the value of the “ubiquitous” App and the “prerequisite” App Store in the increasingly “Me2” mobile phone manufacturing sector.

Continue reading